New FICO Xpress Optimization Product Naming

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With the FICO Xpress Optimization v8.3 release in August 2017, we are announcing the formal roll-out of new FICO Optimization product naming. 

New Optimization product naming has been in the works for quite some time and has been designed to remove some confusion around capabilities and interaction between various Optimization tools.

We have added many new capabilities to the product over the last few years. This in turn has also attracted a broader set of users, including more business users, software solution developers and data scientists.


The new naming simplifies and unifies the optimization products, capabilites and solutions under one name, FICO Xpress Optimization.


Going forward, FICO will go to market with this one name and everything else will become a component of this single brand.

The four core technology components that make up FICO Xpress Optimization are: Xpress Insight, Xpress Solver, Xpress Executor and Xpress Workbench.


More details on the name changes and the different components and sub-components is shown in the table below:


Old NameNew NameNotes

FICO Xpress Optimization Suite

FICO Optimization Modeler

FICO Optimization Designer                                    

FICO Optimization Executor

FICO Xpress OptimizationNew Lead Product Name
FICO Xpress Optimization SuiteXpress Workbench and Xpress SolverThe former suite product now becomes 2 of the core technology components of FICO Xpress Optimization
Xpress-OptimizerXpress Optimizer, part of Xpress SolverThe 3 different solver package options now become sub-components of Xpress Solver.  The core Xpress Solver product features Xpress Optimizer, with Xpress NonLinear and Xpress Kalis being cost options.
        Xpress-NonLinearXpress NonLinear, part of Xpress Solver
Xpress-KalisXpress Kalis, part of Xpress Solver
FICO Optimization ModelerXpress InsightEnables businesses to rapidly deploy optimization and analytic models as powerful FICO Xpress Solutions.
FICO Optimization DesignerXpress WorkbenchFICO Xpress Optimization’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing optimization models, services and solutions. It provides a web-based collaborative code editor, syntax highlighting, code completion and folding, and contextual help for Xpress Mosel, VDL, XML, & R.
Xpress-MoselXpress Mosel, core modeling and programming  language in Xpress WorkbenchAn algebraic modelling and procedural programming language specifically designed to interact with Xpress Solver engines.
Xpress-Tunerbuilt into Xpress WorkbenchSupports tuning of optimization performance
FICO Optimization ExecutorXpress ExecutorThis Component provides standalone support for optimization execution services. This executes Xpress Mosel models using the Xpress optimization engines.


In addition, all software solutions developed using FICO Xpress Optimization technology e.g. FICO Pricing Optimization, FICO Alternative Deal Structure and FICO Decision Optimizer have been grouped together under the name FICO Xpress Solutions.


A diagram showing an overview of the new FICO Xpress Optimization Product Suite is shown below:

Xpr Opt Product Overview Graphic line.PNG


Should you have any questions or queries about product names please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please also refer to the Products page, which provides an overview of the FICO Xpress Optimization products.