What 's New with FICO Xpress Optimization?

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FICO's optimization capabilities have grown significantly over the last few years.

Recently we reviewed how we organize and name different products, components & capabilities.


The key changes to take effect from August 2017 are as follows:

  • One lead product name: FICO Xpress Optimization
  • 2 capability areas of FICO Xpress Optimization:
    • Technology - Used by Operations Researchers, Data Scientists and Solutions Developers, to develop Optimization Models, Services & Solutions
    • Solutions - Used by Business Users & Business Analysts to Visualize, Collaborate & Decide
  • Re-named and re-organised some products & capabilities, as detailed below:

Key Product Name Changes:


  • FICO Optimization Modeler becomes a component called Xpress Insight
  • FICO Optimization Executor becomes a component called Xpress Executor
  • FICO Optimization Designer becomes a component called Xpress Workbench
    • Xpress Mosel, Xpress BCL and support for Python, Matlab & R become part of Xpress Workbench
  • Xpress Optimizer becomes a component called Xpress Solver
    • Xpress Tuner, Xpress Non Linear & Xpress Kalis become part of Xpress Solver


  • FICO Decision Optimizer becomes a FICO Xpress Solution
  • This category includes the ever increasing range of standard FICO Xpress Solutions, such as Alternative Deal Structure Optimizer, Price Optimizer for Deposit Pricing, etc.


For more detailed information, please review the FICO Xpress Optimization product overview page, which in turn leads to information on the different FICO Xpress Optimization components.


We're also introducing a new FICO Xpress Optimization Community License that allows free personal use of the software


FICO Xpress Solutions

FICO Xpress Optimization based software solutions have become an increasing part of the FICO Optimization product line. This builds on the 20+ year pedigree FICO has in using optimization to help business users and analysts make better decisions. It's also a product of the range of rapid solution development capabilities that we now support.


More Information on FICO Xpress Solutions: