FICO Decision Optimizer

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FICO® Decision Optimizer is a FICO Xpress Solution.

  • It is an example of a Framework Solution that is fully configurable through its user interface. More Information on different FICO Xpress Solution types.
  • It enables business analysts to develop, assess and improve the decisions that drive customer interactions and business results.
  • Its advanced decision impact modeling, simulation and optimization techniques allows you to discover better decision strategies that balance trade-offs between cost, risk and reward, while also factoring in economic and market conditions.


Over the last 17+ years, FICO Decision Optimizer has been used by FICO on well over 200 client projects mainly in areas of credit management such as Credit Limit Increase, Initial Credit Line, Loan & Credit Card Origination, Transaction Authorizations, Fraud Referral, Collections & Recoveries, Attrition Management, etc.


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Core Benefits:

Maximize profit and minimize costs by identifying best actions

Decision optimization uses analytic models, historical data, and action focused profit calculations to find the best ways to maximize profits, minimize costs, and identify the best business decision on each account or segment


Empower business analysts

Built for the business analyst, it gives domain experts control to quickly develop solutions that simulate and optimize a wide range of decision areas and inject their knowledge into the optimization process


Ensure regulatory compliance

FICO® Decision Optimizer can play an important role in meeting regulatory compliance standards by providing explainable decision tree based strategies, that better meet your goals and constraints, built using powerful and interpretable optimization models & frameworks


Key Features:

  • Supports FICO’s tried and tested Decision Optimization methodology used on over 200 projects
  • Utilizes best-in-class FICO® Xpress Optimization solvers and algorithms
  • Includes a highly flexible component based solution design area where analysts can incorporate multiple predictive models,  potential actions and customer reactions, multiple business objectives and resource constraints
  • Incorporates a scoring engine, so that models and calculations can be created and amended on the fly, allowing new metrics to be easily added
  • Multiple simulation and optimization scenario types help users balance the trade-off between different and conflicting goals and objectives
  • Easy to use business control, reporting, visualization and data output options for comparing alternative scenarios and decision strategies
  • Supports business impact and action effect models to drive an extensive array of simulation and optimization techniques
  • Provides explainable methodologies to understand and interpret optimization results  applied at  customer, segment and portfolio levels
  • Provides a flexible environment for incorporating complex regulatory, economic and market measures so they can be  included in final strategy determination
  • Supports the entire lifecycle of designing, developing, executing and deploying decision optimization solutions, with automated Decision Tree creation


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