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FICO Xpress Optimization provides many capabilities for rapidly developing full software applications that allow business users and analysts to quickly and easily apply optimization to real world business problems.


This gallery of FICO Xpress Solution examples illustrates just some of the many capabilities available:

Business Problem

Solution ExampleDescription

Vehicle Routing Optimization Example

This Solution was developed to help consider alternative local vehicle routes to improve the time and cost taken to facilitate deliveries to key customers.


By integrating with an open source street mapping application, the solution allows the business user to quickly assess the results of different route scenarios, so that key goals and constraints are met, but also any potential issue can quickly and easily identified.

Energy Pricing Management Example

OM Solution Screen Shot Energy Pricing.jpg

This Solution was devised to help with European Energy Market pricing. One aspect of the solution was to understand the impact of different scenarios on the demands for different energy generating sources in this case in the United Kingdom.

Credit Offer Optimization ExampleDO Marketplace Graphic 350 x 315.png

This Solution focused on identifying the best Loan Amount and Loan Interest Rate to offer existing bank customers in order to maximize loan profit, whilst meeting constraints such as credit losses, take-up, attrition etc.


This FICO Decision Optimizer standard Action Mix report view compares the distributions of accounts receiving the different Loan Amount and Price actions across 5 different scenarios, which includes the bank's current strategy.

R Predictive Model Support Example

This view illustrates how the Xpress Optimization user interface capabilities allow us to both allow the user to access and review predictive model code (in this case R code), and review the results from the use of that predictive model.


This particular example is for a Probability of Default model, that we typically support in Solutions for regulatory analytics in Financial Services in areas such as: Basel 2, IFRS9, etc.

FICO Xpress Insight

Attachments Repository

Each FICO Xpress Solution utilizes a standard set of project, user and admin capabilities provided by the Xpress Insight component. This includes an Attachments Repository that allows users to quickly and easily manage different assets and files in the solution. Access and actions available in the repository can be controlled by User Authority. In this example, a junior analyst is shown as being unable to modify any attachments in the project.
Production Planning Solution Example

This Production Planning Solution example view illustrates that results from different optimization scenarios can quickly be displayed in comparative reports and dashboards that are familiar to the business user, to help highlight key differences.


The use of filters allows users to manipulate reports to focus in on different aspects

Supply Chain Network Designer ExampleThis Solution examples provides a national view on potential alternative combinations of  distribution center locations, taking into account the need to support different product lines in different locations and understand the impact on costs and efficiency, meeting the required deadlines.
Healthcare ProvisionHealthcare 1.PNGThis Solution provided a wide of support for a Healthcare provider. This example view helps them identify the matching of members to physicians depending on their required specialty, allowing the provider to identify gaps in cover and potential cost savings.
FICO Xpress Workbench solution development environmentWorkbench Debug.png

This view illustrates the FICO Xpress Optimization integrated development environment component, Xpress Workbench.


From this environment, you develop, review, edit and debug optimization models, solutions views and Tableau reports/ dashboards


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