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Optimization allows banks to make smarter, more customer-centric decisions faster — across portfolios and lines of business
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FICO® Optimization Solutions for Retail Banking have helped hundreds of retail banks improve their capabilities, compliance and customer-centricity in the following areas:

  • Agency Placements
  • Alternative Deal Structure
  • Authorizations
  • Collections Treatment & Resources
  • Credit-Line Management
  • Deposit Pricing
  • Fraud Referral
  • Loan Cross-Sell/Up-sell
  • Marketing Acquisitions
  • Mortgage/Loan Pricing
  • Offer Management
  • Originations
  • Re-Pricing
  • Retention


Key FICO Advantages:

Powerful, Flexible Software & Best Solvers

  • Modern Web User Interface with extensive Modelling and Scenario Options
  • Designed to solve more complex Credit Optimization problems
  • Consistently Industry Leading Performance – independently assessed
  • Additional solver options provided out of the box

Industry Leading Modelling Approaches

  • Predictive & Prescriptive analytics are easily built into solutions
  • Focus on using “Action-Effect models” to assess the impact of different decisions
  • Account Level Optimization – assess all possible decisions on each account, not each segment

FICO's Experienced Optimization Team

  • 17+ years experience of applying Optimization to solve Banking business problems, across the globe
  • Have helped hundreds of retail banks improve decisions
  • Provide a range of standard & custom, partnership & methodology transfer services



CASE STUDY: Ceska Sporitelna: Standing out from the lending crowd

Ceska Sporitelna Case Study | Other Banking & Financial Services Examples


  • Increase absolute portfolio profit (APP) of pre-approved cash loans
  • Identify optimal offer price and initial credit limit for each borrower
  • Protect market share against established and upstart competitors


  • 26% increase in APP ($16MM)
  • 29% increase in new sales ($41MM)
  • 15% increase in new sales (debt consolidation)


  • FICO® Optimization Solution for Loan Origination & Pricing
  • An iteration algorithm that maximizes profit by considering all possible loan limits
  • A highly sophisticated amount-take-up model that predicts acceptable loan amounts
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