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FICO® Optimization Solutions for Manufacturing has helped businesses:

  • Deploy manufacturing optimization solutions 80% faster than before
  • Find good solutions faster than ever, and solve harder problems than previously possible
  • Quickly turn business requirements into user-facing business solutions

  • Rapidly evolve solutions over time for changing business requirements — with reduced dependence on IT

  • Supercharge your other core and analytics solutions — no need to “rip and replace” to accelerate business

  • Embed your unique requirements in the solution — not what a software vendor decided



Make faster, smarter decisions across the entire manufacturing life cycle

Unlock the hidden power of your data & solve your hardest problems faster

Evolve your solutions at the speed of your business

Available on-premises or in the cloud, FICO® Optimization Solutions for Manufacturers help discrete and process manufacturers dynamically and proactively design and plan all processes through the entire manufacturing lifecycle.

The key to getting ahead within manufacturing industries is finding ways to leverage your growing and decentralized data sources in order to make better, faster and more accurate decisions about your plant operations and supply chain.

FICO® Optimization Solutions enable modelers to develop the interface alongside the model and user feedback process, accelerating prototypes and enabling continuous improvement.



CASE STUDY: Shell deployed an optimized next-generation advanced process control platform

Shell Case Study | Other Manufacturing Examples


As one of the world’s leading global oil companies, Shell has been applying advanced process control technology to its plants around the world since the 1970s. With dramatic increases in optimization capabilities over the past decade, Shell sought a next-generation solution to help maximize each plant’s economic operating benefits. They turned to FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite to help model complex processes and provide robust optimization algorithms to solve large-scale control problems.


Better algorithms allow the plants to handle more complex, time-critical problems than previously possible. A customized user interface gives business users the control and flexibility to explore trade-offs and make real-time decisions for plant operation. High-performance solvers, along with more complex models in production, have increased the accuracy of these decisions. Advanced process control calculates the best actions for every situation by balancing constraints and economic objectives.

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