Competitive Advantages of FICO Xpress Optimization

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Why FICO Xpress Optimization will provide you with a Competitive Advantage

The table below provides an assessment of FICO Xpress Optimization capabilities in comparison to its direct competitors.


The strength of the signal graphic provides a measure of the strength of the capability. Where no graphic is shown this capability is not supported.

FICO Xpress OptimizationOthersBasic Optimization Engines
BAR full.pngBAR full.pngLP Overall
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngBarrier
BAR full.pngBAR full.pngMIP
BAR half.pngBAR full.png(MI)Q(QC)P
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngSOCP
BAR full.pngBAR full.pngAutomatic Tuning
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngVisual Tuning
BAR full.pngBAR full.pngAPI Support
FICO Xpress OptimizationOthersGeneral Nonlinear Optimization
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngSuccessive linear programming
BAR half.pngBAR empty.pngBlack box optimization
FICO Xpress OptimizationOthersModeling and Orchestration
BAR full.pngBAR full.pngMathematical modeling
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngLarge scale modeling
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngAlgorithm support
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngMultithreaded
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngDistributed computing algorithm
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngIntegration with R
BAR half.pngBAR empty.pngOrchestration of analytics (Python, etc.)
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngTwo way REST API support
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngData ingestion and processing
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngOther conveniences (cryptography, compression, file system management)
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngIntegrated development environment
FICO Xpress OptimizationOthers

Business User Enablement

BAR full.pngBAR half.pngSeamless development of models
BAR half.pngBAR empty.pngDeployment without programming skills
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngWhat if analysis and simulation
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngUser roles, tracking & auditing
BAR full.pngBAR empty.pngAPI for automation
BAR full.pngBAR half.pngCustom GUI development




World's Leading Optimization Feature Set - Solutions for any optimization problem

The graphic below illustrates the breadth and depth of FICO Xpress Optimizations capabilities. No other vendor can provides this feature set as standard.


Why FICO, features.png


Stand Out Capabilities of FICO Xpress Optimization

As well as industry leading solver technologies and modelling language support, FICO Xpress Optimization provides a range of unique capabilities for developing Optimization Models, Services and fill Software Solutions for any business problem.


Xpress Modeling & Development Environment

  • Xpress Workbench Development environment provides Analysts and Operations Research professionals with access to the model language underlying all optimization solutions
Workbench Debug.png
Interactive Dashboards and Reporting
  • Enable endless reporting options for enhanced optimization scenarios exploration and flexible interface integration
Tableau Dev.png

Seamless Deployment: Standalone or with FICO Decision Management Platform

  • Flexible Xpress Insight architecture and open REST API's enables two-way integration with a wide range of client applications

Governance, Collaboration and Permissions-Based Workflows

  • Robust controls for optimized strategy development enabled by collaborative workflows, auto-logging, user-based permissions, and strong governance features
Goverance Workflow.png


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