FICO Energy & Utilities Optimization Solutions 

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FICO Energy & Utilities Optimization Solutions

Provides tools and services to help Energy & Utilities companies deploy optimization solutions up to 80% faster than before, while empowering front line staff, business analysts and data scientists to collaborate to solve your hardest problems.

  • Discover new opportunities to drive margin and efficiency in areas never before possible with other analytic tools and enterprise software.
  • Leverage insights to plan for the future, and quickly make changes that address immediate needs or conditions.
  • Readily import data into your optimization framework, so you don’t need to “rip and replace” your existing infrastructure.
  • Unlock the hidden value of your data by leveraging multiple data sources, in-stream or at-rest, within your analytic decisioning framework.

Make faster, smarter decisions

across the entire  life cycle

Available on-premises or in the cloud, FICO® Energy & Utilities Optimization Solutions  help companies dynamically and proactively design and plan all processes through the entire life cycle.

Evolve at the speed of your business


Many packaged solutions are designed to solve specific business problems, but can’t adapt to the types and speed of change that require greater flexibility and agility. Our solution allows the modeler to develop the interface alongside the model and user feedback process, accelerating prototypes and enabling continuous improvement.

Unlock the hidden power of your data,

and solve your hardest problems faster

Its key to find ways to leverage your growing data sources in order to make better, faster and more accurate decisions about energy & utility management. Our solution helps you rapidly stage and rationalize virtually any number of data sources upon which our best-in-class solvers then determines globally optimal solutions.

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Case Study: SolarCity Uses FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite to Optimize Distributed Energy Applications

Using FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite, SolarCity is finding ways to:

  • Evaluate opportunities to save commercial customers on their energy bills by optimally managing their demand charges
  • Manage customer energy profiles to determine the optimal charge and discharge profiles for energy storage systems
  • Optimize distributed energy resources in multi-use application frameworks that benefit the grid and customers
  • Analyze potential revenue streams for customers by selling unused stored energy into wholesale electricity markets
  • Determine optimal ways to reduce stress on the electric grid by potentially reducing system load