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About FICO Optimization Industry Solutions

FICO Optimization Industry Solutions combine the speed, power and performance of our optimization modeling and solving capabilities with specific industry business capabilities to help organizations address their most challenging business problems.

Our Industry Solutions include both out-of-the box solutions as well as, through the FICO Decision Management Suite, configurable applications that provide rapid application development (RAD) capabilities. Our configurable applications allow organizations to create their own optimization solutions, either on-premises or in the cloud.


Banking / Financial Services

To survive and thrive in a completely transformed market, retail banks need to find new approaches that drive new source of margin, address regulatory issues in a more efficient manner, and re-energize customer engagement via intelligent multi-channel services that reduce churn and balance risk and profits.



Optimizing manufacturing decisions doesn't just mean keeping costs down. It's about being able to "see what's next," whether you're considering customer demand, competition, and economic and global factors - not to mention supply chain and logistical concerns.



From the initial offer to the point of sale, retailers have to navigate a maze of real-time decisions and actions that can make or break their businesses, including logistics, online inventory, space optimization and balancing profitability and customer satisfaction.



Making the right customer-level decisions - quickly - isn't easy, however. Providers have to choose between offers that balance risk, profitability, and lifetime value, while ensuring consistent customer (and partner) experience through the engagement lifecycle. And of course, identifying fraud or cybersecurity threats before they happen is also critical to maintaining an edge in tight markets.