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FICO Xpress Optimization

Academic Partnership Program

1. Academic Institutions
FICO has put together a special program for degree awarding academic institutions which academics and their students may use for educational purposes. In addition, academics may use Xpress for research and consulting activities. Please register for our Academic Partnership Program (APP) which provides full licenses of FICO Xpress Optimization free-of-charge.
  • Application for membership or renewal should be made by a faculty member.
  • Need to renew your APP membership? Click here.

2. Students

If you are studying for a recognized qualification, then there are a couple of routes to get access to FICO Xpress Optimization:

  1. You may get access to FICO Xpress Optimization through your course leader, if they have registered for the Academic Partnership Program
  2. Alternatively, you can also directly download FICO Xpress Optimization, with a free for personal use Community License
    • Renew this license, by downloading a new version annually to ensure you are using an up to date version.


  • Once you get to work, you can discuss FICO Xpress Optimization with other users and ask questions in the FICO Xpress Optimization User Forum.
  • To learn how to become a FICO Xpress Optimization Community member - click here


Note: The previously available FICO Xpress Optimization Student Version has been replaced with access to the full FICO Xpress Optimization Community License, which provides Students with access to more powerful capabilities.

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