Challenges in migrating blaze advisor 6.5/6.7 to 7.0/7.1 for Java

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We are planning to migrate the existing blaze repository (version 6.5/6.7) to latest version 7.0/7.1 as websphere application server is getting migrated from 7.0 to 8.0/8.5. So please help in getting these points cleared,

1) What would be the impact in getting migrated the existing repository to version 7.0/7.1 ?
2) What are the challenges and changes required to be done?
3) Does blaze advisor 7.0/7.1  compatible with Websphere app server 8.0/8.5 ?
4) Does blaze advisor 7.0/7.1  compatible with JDK 7 ?
5) Does blaze advisor 7.0/7.1  compatible with both 32 and 64 bits operating systems?
6) Any additional things need to be keep in mind and taken care?


Your feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.




One of the chaalenge which we faced while doing a POC for migration from 6.8 to 7.1 is the failure of custom providers.The custom provider which were used in 6.8 version did not worked with Blaze 7.So if your are using custom providers in your current project you might face similar issue.

Hello MyBRM,


The latest version of Blaze Advisor is version 7.1.x and it does indeed support Java SE 7 (JDK/JRE) for both development and development (with the latter depending on the underlying operating system). WebSphere Application Server 8.0.x is one of the supported Java application servers for deployment of the Rule Server and the Rule Maintenance Application.


Please check the platform support document (titled Supported Platforms for Blaze Advisor 7.1) for a complete list of valid development and deployment configurations.



Thanks KMehta for sharing your experience. However, I would like to know if there is any possible solutions to overcome with the issues faced in custom provider during the migration process. Thanks

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