Optimization Modeler 4.5 has been released

Document created by oliverbastert@fico.com Advocate on May 19, 2016
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New in Release 4.5.0


  • Summary
    • VDL 3.0 introduces a powerful expression syntax for rapid specification of dynamic UIs
    • Tableau 9 support, versions 9.0 to 9.3 (recommended)
    • Powered by Xpress 8.0. See Xpress release notes for more information
    • HTTPS support for web client->server communication encryption
    • Built-in Data entity explorer view for the web client
    • Project, view, shelf content and fullscreen state are captured in the URL and will be restored from bookmarks and shared links
    • Help link and content can be customised by a project
    • Home, Project and Jobs links are now only shown when applicable
    • Performance improved when creating or updating a project with large numbers of source files
    • New mosel functions for inter-scenario attachment access and listing the contents of repository folder locations
  • VDL 3.0
    • Dynamic expressions, conditionals and looping constructs
    • Inline validation for entity, field, table and view state
    • Custom extensions
    • Dynamic attributes and user defined variables
    • VDL tags and elements are namespaced for clarity
    • Table row filters
    • Improved error reporting
    • Number formatting configurable per AutoTable column
    • User properties and authorities
  • JavaScript API 3.0
    • Validation in insight.validation.EntityValidator for isInteger, isReal and isBoolean now treats null and undefined values as valid. The validation functions can now be used with array elements where null and undefined remove the element.
    • The Table/AutoTable 'lengthMenu' override allows no 'All' option and/or two arrays to be supplied for values and labels
    • View can manipulate the contents of the shelf:
      • View.addScenarioToShelf
      • View.removeScenarioFromShelf
      • View.setShelf
      • View.clearShelf
    • Function 'showErrorMessage' added to View object to allow the raising of error messages
    • Function 'executeScenario' added to View object to allow execution of a scenario specified by its ID
    • Functions 'createScenario' and 'createFolder' added to Project object
    • AutoTable 'onDataSaved' callback is now also exposed via new 'onDataSaved' option in AutoTable Options object.
    • AutoTable 'EditorValidateCallback' column option has an additional 4th parameter pass to it which contains the row's index tuple.
    • When applying the 'selectNull' option to an AutoTable column configuration it will add a blank option to the start of the list. Previously it would add a <none> option. The behavior remains the same.
    • Autotable honors CFile entity format settings
    • New AutoTable config option 'rowFilter' allows rows to be filtered out before the table is rendered
    • AutoTable and Table components will not automatically show the table filter if the 'overrides.columnFilter' option is specified. You need to set the 'overrides.searching' DataTables option to true to show the table filter.
    • Backwards incompatible with JS API 2.x:
      • The View#applyVDL method has been removed. This was previously used within VDL 2.0 custom runners. VDL 3.0 no longer requires this functionality and VDL 2.0 views cannot use JS API 3.0.
      • AutoTable 'editorOptions' column option takes a callback function that is called to evaluate the select options for edit mode. See the JS API Documentation, 'AutoTable~EditorOptionsCallback' for details.
    • Third party library updates:
      • jQuery 2.2.3
      • DataTables 1.10.11
  • Analyst Client
    • Analyst Client Tableau views only support Trusted Authentication mode.
  • Web Client
    • Unloaded scenarios are marked as active on the shelf when used within a view.