Xpress-Optimizer and Xpress-SLP patch 28.01.14 for Xpress 7.9

Document created by Michael.Perr on Apr 12, 2016
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Xpress-Optimizer and Xpress-SLP patch 28.01.14 for Xpress 7.9 is now available on the FTP and Box for Windows 64 and 32, Linux 64 and 32 and Mac 64 from




Xpress-Optimizer release notes:


* Enhanced the anti-cycling procedure in the primal simplex algorithm.

* Fixed a minor issue where the optimizer may overestimate the NAMELENGTH attribute.

* Fixed an issue that could incorrectly cause a MIP to be declared infeasble during the root node processing.

* Fixed an issue with MIP presolving that could result in an invalid solution being returned.

* Fixed a problem related to calling XPRSgetiisdata before calling XPRSiisfirst or XPRSiisall.

* Fixed a presolve performance issue with eliminations for problems with large rows.


Xpress-Nonlinear release notes:


<No changes since 28.01.13>


This is the latest Xpress-Optimizer and Xpress-SLP patch for the Xpress 7.9 release branch. Please note that it must be installed over a prior installation of FICO Xpress 7.9 and requires a valid Xpress 7.9 license.

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