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Most types of license for the FICO Optimization Modeler and FICO Xpress products are locked to a specific computer. To create this license, some information is required from the chosen machine. This information is referred to as the hostid or xphostid.

Evaluators: Unless previously agreed with your FICO sales representative, please follow the instructions for Static licensing.

Static/Fixed license for desktops/workstations and servers: Follow the instructions below for each machine you wish to license.

Network Floating license: This configuration uses a central license manager to grant a temporary license to any client on the local network. The license manager software (xpserver) is locked to a chosen machine. The xphostid information will be required for this machine only.


  1. 1. From the list below download the relevant program for your platform and save it to your computer.



2. Unzip the file ( winzip for Windows users, gunzip for unix users ).


3. Navigate to the directory where you saved xphostid.


4. Windows: Run xphostid. It will open a dialog window and display the required system information. Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button and paste the text into an email.


Unix: Run ./xphostid and copy the output to an email.

Send the email to your FICO sales representative as requested.