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Document created by Candida Rodriguez-Lee on Oct 10, 2014
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Q. Blaze Advisor throws an exception with a stack trace that starts like this:

"java.lang.Error: PropertyDescriptor: internal error while merging PDs: type

mismatch between read and write methods"



A.  If you are using a JDK 1.4.2_xx version, the cause of the problem is that the

introspector in those versions (not earlier, or in 1.5) is complaining about a

get/read method for a property whose type does not match the set/write method

for the same property name. For example, a getCustomerName method that returns a

StringBuffer and a setCustomerName method that takes a String.


To fix:


1) Use a different version of the JDK, that doesn't throw this error.

2) Edit the Java class to remove this conflict between the get and set methods.