Creating a CVS Branch

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Q.  How to create CVS branch used by Blaze Advisor 6.5?


A. Step by step instructions on creating a CVS branch used by Blaze Advisor 6.5.

(Note that this workaround is only for Blaze Advisor 6.5 and not for newer



The full sequence of steps are as below:


a) Create a branch via the command line to your CVS module (e.g. Branch1 is the branch name and myRepo is the module name on the CVS server)


cvs rtag -b Branch1 myRepo


b) Create an empty folder from folder explorer, for example branch1_ws


c) Go to the branch1_ws directory and run cvs checkout


cvs checkout -r Branch1 myRepo


d) Open the file com_blazesoft_repository_config.cfg located at branch1_ws\myRepo in any text editor. Find the tag <Branch> and add the correct branch name into it and save it, e.g., <Branch>Branch1<Branch>


e) Perform the cvs commit to commit the change to the repository


cvs commit -m "Change branch" com_blazesoft_repository_config.cfg


f) Force the creation of an empty revision on the branch:


cvs commit -f -R -m "Initial branch revision"


g) Launch Builder, create a new connection to connect to the workspace on

Branch1 (e.g. xxxx\branch1_ws\myRepo), specify the repository connection parameters including the Branch, and then you'll be able to check items in and out using the Builder IDE.