Development Tool Compatibility

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Q. What Development Tools are used with Blaze Advisor

Development of Blaze Advisor rules services is done within the Blaze Advisor IDE and RMA, and no other tools or plugins are required. The components created by Blaze Advisor can be integrated with code generated with any existing .net and Java development tools.


The Blaze Advisor solution offers a wide range of GUI based tools to implement, maintain and manage the business rules. Architects and rule designers use the Blaze Advisor Integrated Development Environment (IDE) named Blaze Advisor Builder to implement and manage Business Rules, Business Rule Templates, generate Deployments and to define the interactions with the Backend Systems.



The Blaze Advisor Builder IDE contains specialized editing windows and interfaces for different types of rules, functions, question sets, ruleflows, class definitions, and other entities. It allows side-by-side viewing of entities with movable windows or tabs. It contains separate test interface windows, output windows, and editing windows. It supports a sophisticated navigation tree for immediate access to any object in a rule service, and it supports hyperlink access to any rule referenced in a compilation error or warning message.


Simple to use web based Rule Maintenance Applications (RMA) are available for the Business Users. These Maintenance applications are tailored for usage by non-technical domain experts. These web-based RMAs utilise the rule templates defined by the engineers or power users. Each template can be instantiated and customised a number of times.



Both the technical oriented IDE and web based RMAs access the decision logic from a central repository. This repository offers and supports central versioning and security features required by Enterprise level projects.