Creating and Collaborating on Ideas

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What are ideas?

An idea is a type of content that you or others can create and vote on. If your community members vote positively, your idea gets more points; if they vote negatively, points are taken away.


Creating an idea is a lot like creating a document. You give your idea a title and then type in its description. As with documents, you can format the idea's content as you would apply formatting in a word processing program.


How do I create an idea?

When you've got an idea to share with the community, you create it the same way you create other content, such as a document. Here are the steps:


  • Click Create > Idea.
  • Choose the location in the community where you want to put your idea. For example, you could put it in a space, group, or project related to the idea. Keep in mind that some places might not have the idea feature enabled.
  • Give the idea a title and type your idea into the big area under the title. Note that you can do special formatting just as you would for other content.
  • When you're typing your idea's title, you might get a list of ideas with similar titles. This is a chance for you to avoid posting an idea that's already in the community. If you see something that looks similar, take a look at it before you save your idea.
  • Attach any files you need by clicking Browse, selecting the file, and then Open for each file you want to attach.
  • Set collaboration options if needed.
  • Click Create Idea.


How do I vote on an idea?

When you vote on an idea, Jive assigns points to the idea. For example, a vote in favor of the idea (up arrow) could give it 5 points, while a vote against the idea (down arrow) could give it -5 points. The point value is set up by your community administrator. You can vote up or down as many times as you want; your last vote is saved until you change it and your vote counts only once.


How does voting on ideas affect my status points?

As with other things you do in the community -- creating content, responding to discussions, and so on -- your actions on ideas contribute points to your overall status points in the community. (If you aren't familiar with your status points, you can view them on your profile page.)

Depending on how your community is configured by your administrator, you may earn status points for the following (typically, you earn more points for creating ideas and less for commenting or voting on them):


  • Creating ideas.
  • Commenting on ideas.
  • Voting on ideas.


What is an idea stage?

Stages are a quick way to see the current development state of an idea. For example, an idea could be "active," "delivered," or "in progress." An idea's stage is assigned in the community by a system, space, or group administrator or owner. Depending on how the community is set up, some stages may not support voting. For example, you may not be able to vote on an idea in the "delivered" stage.


Here are a few idea stage examples along with possible meanings:


  • Active -- the idea is actively being voted on.
  • Delivered -- the idea has been delivered to its intended audience.
  • In Progress -- the idea is being developed.


Browse Ideas


  • To see all of the ideas in the community, go to Browse > Content (All) > Ideas.
  • To see a list of ideas in a specific place, go to Browse > Places, and then select the desired group and click Ideas.