FICO Xpress Insight v4.11 release (formerly Optimization Modeler) - May18

Blog Post created by Advocate on Jun 14, 2018

Xpress Insight is the technology component that allows you to rapidly configure business user software applications that operationalize analytic and optimization models, supports user and solution management, and provides user friendly interfaces that allow users to visualize and collaborate on improved business decisions.

It includes support for:

  • Flexible Optimization Modeling
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Visual Development Environment
  • Interface Development Language (VDL)
  • Tableau Integration
  • Data & Predictive Model Integration
  • FICO Xpress Insight v4.11 is now generally available for customer managed Cloud and On-Premises deployments. It will become generally available on FICO Analytic Cloud in the next month or so.


The FICO Xpress Insight v4.11 release brings new capabilities to optimization solution developers and users including:

  • Decision Tree editor
    • Integration of FICO's decision tree module to enable the functionality in Xpress Insight Solutions. This new module includes target driven tree building capabilities using a CaRT algorithm, as well as a number of user interface, and tree profiling & analysis enhancements.
    • Can now create, update and save decision trees in FJDT (FICO JSON Decision Tree) format
    • Custom colors can now be assigned to treatments
  • Support for Tableau 10.5
    • Support for Tableau 10.5 has been added. Note: This release of Tableau includes the 'Viz in Tooltip'. When using this feature please be aware that you will need to apply the scenario id filter to the tooltip view using the 'Apply to worksheets' right mouse click menu option.
  • JS API and VDL
    • VDL 4.1: Updated attachment upload functionality and styling to match latest FICO standard
    • JS API 4.1: scenario.createAttachment and project.createAttachment now support the ability to pass the extension of the attachment to be created.
  • Mosel (mminsight) interface
    • New parameter: insight_is_scenario. This parameter indicates whether the model is running as the master model of an Insight scenario. See the Xpress Insight Mosel Reference for more information.


Updated FICO Xpress documentation is now available online.