Updated FICO Xpress Optimization Community License v8.4.4 now available - Feb18

Blog Post created by Advocate on Mar 2, 2018

The FICO Xpress Optimization Community License has now been updated to the latest release v8.4.4


Please use the link on the FICO Xpress Community welcome page, or go directly to FICO® Xpress Community License to download this new version.


This updated version includes the following enhancements:


  • You can now connect any third party solver to FICO Xpress Mosel through the AMPL (A Mathematical Programming Language connector
  • FICO Xpress Mosel is already OPEN and FREE. As was announced in the last release, Xpress Mosel can connect to 3rd party solvers. Now, there is a simple mechanism to connect every solver in the market to Xpress Mosel via the open source AMPL connector. Xpress Mosel can now begin to penetrate competitive accounts and provide an upgrade path to Xpress Insight.
  • The FICO Xpress Optimization documentation is now available online. This helps Xpress customers find what they need more quickly and easily


Installing FICO ® Xpress Optimization for use with the Community License

  1. Obtain the Xpress software installer - the file xpX.Y _win_x86_64_setup.exe, where X and Y are version numbers - from the download page   FICO® Xpress Community License
  2. Before installing the new version, please make sure you uninstall any old version of FICO Xpress Optimization (e.g. a previous Student or Community License Version) and delete the old installation folder (e.g. C:\xpressmp). Otherwise, there may be a conflict
  3. Run the Setup file to install the new version.