FICO Decision Optimizer v7.3 release - Feb18

Blog Post created by Advocate on Mar 1, 2018

FICO® Decision Optimizer is a FICO Xpress Solution.

  • It is an example of a Framework Solution that is fully configurable through its user interface - the underlying optimization model is fixed.
  • It enables business analysts to develop, assess and improve the decisions that drive customer interactions and business results, focus on Decision Tree based strategies.
  • Its advanced decision impact modeling, simulation and optimization techniques allows you to discover better decision strategies that balance trade-offs between cost, risk and reward, while also factoring in economic and market conditions.
  • FICO Decision Optimizer is available as both On-Premises and FICO Analytic Cloud deployments


The Decision Optimizer v7.3 release brings new functionality to Business Analyst users including:

  • New standard reports
    • Penetration Table report - uses heat chart color coding to help the user identify segments where actions are more or less targeted in each scenario run.
    • Configuration report - provides the user with an overview of all configurations used in the selected scenarios, helping to confirm that the scenario results are a like-for-like comparison.
    • Action averages report - This DO6 report content has been added to the DO7 Outcome Report which now includes a metric for the average value of each action included in the scenario.
  • Enhancements to reporting and segmentation
    • Segments based on actions and treatments - Users can now use action values and treatment ID to support various segmentation schemes for use in reporting.
    • Population grouping within reports - Users can now use Tableau functionality to group actions or treatments in the tables in the Swap Set reports and the values will be correct.
  • Enhancements to scenarios
    • Selection of treatments at the scenario level - This new view allows the user to select which treatments should be included in each scenario, to assess the impact of different selections.
    • Range constraints on exploratory optimization scenarios - This new option allows users to optimize across a range of possible constraint limits.
  • User experience enhancements - this release implements some improvements in tables and table editing.


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