FICO Xpress Workbench v2.1 release (formerly Optimization Designer) - Nov17

Blog Post created by Advocate on Dec 15, 2017

Xpress Workbench is the technology component which provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which allows Operation Research professionals, Data Scientists and Solution Developers to rapidly and collaboratively develop optimization models,services, and Xpress Insight apps.


The FICO Xpress Workbench v2.1 release brings new capabilities to optimization  users including:

  • Expansion of the use of Xpress Mosel, FICO's market-leading modeling, programming language and orchestration language - Mosel is now open to non-FICO solvers and free of charge to use.
  • Several usability and performance enhancements, including an updated IDE (Integrated Development Environment)


Xpress Workbench - General Functionality Improvements

  • Fixed delays when saving files, running Mosel models, and publishing to Xpress Insight
  • Fixed error when running Xpress Mosel models: "Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap"
  • Fixed the issue where copying a source file was not working
  • Compiler errors are highlighted and can be clicked to jump to the source location
  • Compiler looks for bim file dependencies in the same directory as the source files
  • If a model raises an error while debugging, the debugger stops at the line where the error occurred
  • More Mosel module symbols are autocompleted
  • Insight sidebar is automatically opened for Insight projects only
  • Improved error reporting when Mosel model crashes
  • Improved size and position of Workbench window on low resolution displays
  • Improved error reporting when Mosel graph cannot be reopened
  • Fixed issue where arrays of arrays could not be inspected in the debugger
  • Fixed issue where cursor was sometimes drawn in the wrong place when editing source files
  • Fixed issue where model output was truncated after 5000 lines
  • Fixed issue where variables tree could not be resized
  • Fixed issue where Mosel annotations were only autocompleted once


Xpress Workbench on DMP

  • Workspaces are automatically backed up every night
  • New dashboard layout
  • Example projects are now upgraded when component is upgraded
  • Fixed issue where dashboard would not load correctly after component was upgraded
  • Fixed error when downloading project as zip file


Xpress Mosel 4.8

Enhancements/updates including :

  • Compiler Library - long file names are now shortened when reporting error messages
  • Native interface - LP/MIP matrix manipulation routines are now available from the NI - new service 'PROVIDER'
  • mmnl 1.8.0 - new functions 'erf' and 'erfc'
  • mmxprs 2.14.0 - new procedure 'hasfeature' to check license features
  • mmsvg 1.2.0 - new versions of 'svgwaitclose' to change behavior on browser window closing in Workbench - new style property 'SVG_ANIMATE'


Defects fixed:

  • Compiler Library - an issue has been fixed in the handling of extended types in packages
  • XPRD - Java: an issue has been fixed in the handling of connection string parameters
  • mmquad 1.2.9 - objective modification now always reported to optimiser
  • mmssl 1.4.1 - an issue has been fixed in the 'hex' driver when used for reading
  • mmxml 2.2.3 - JSON reader: possible failure when loading a file containing only an empty string
  • mmxprs 2.14.0 - using mmquad no longer prevents optimising linear objectives