FICO Xpress Insight v4.9 release (formerly Optimization Modeler) - Nov17

Blog Post created by Advocate on Dec 15, 2017

Xpress Insight is the technology component that allows you to rapidly configure business user software applications that operationalize analytic and optimization models, supports user and solution management, and provides user friendly interfaces that allow users to visualize and collaborate on improved business decisions.

It includes support for:

  • Flexible Optimization Modeling
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Visual Development Environment
  • Interface Development Language (VDL)
  • Tableau Integration
  • Data & Predictive Model Integration

The FICO Xpress Insight v4.9 release brings new capabilities to optimization solution developers and users including:
General Functionality

    • Tableau 10.3 is now supported (this version of Xpress Insight no longer supports Tableau 9.2 or below)
    • Web Client login page now shows license validation failure messages
    • Improved Performance when publishing apps from Xpress Workbench
    • Introduction of a command line tool for import and export
    • Support for Import/export of a folder and its contents

Web Client

    • New options in the Scenario Explorer to export folders and import scenarios and folder structures into the current location.
    • Web client login page now shows license validation failure messages

Web Admin

    • Tableau Health Check - extended the information shown in the report

Custom Views

    • AutoTable and Table now persist active cell and active row on redraw
    • Option to allow selection and active cell to be displayed on inactive table
    • Table selection events allow connectivity with other VDL components
    • Table paste operations into a larger selection cause the clipboard contents to be repeated


    • REST endpoint to import scenarios (POST /v1/data/scenario) now accepts files with exported folder structures.
    • Command line tool "insightcmd" enables advanced users to import and export Insight apps and the entire repository


Please Note: Changes in Support

    • This release omits the Analyst Client application, which is no longer included in the product. Patches for critical defects will be made available for the Insight 4.8 version until end July 2019. Existing users of the Analyst Client should contact to discuss migration options.
    • This version of Xpress Insight no longer supports Tableau 9.2 or below.