FICO Xpress Executor v 2.1 release (formerly Optimization Executor) - Nov17

Blog Post created by Advocate on Dec 15, 2017

Xpress Executor is the technology component that provides standalone support for optimization execution services. This executes Xpress-Mosel models using the Xpress optimization engines. In addition to Xpress Mosel models, Xpress Executor can solve problems in the industry-standard MPS/LP formats. It provides SOAP and REST interfaces to be either used within FICO Decision Management Platform or from external applications. Data connector extensions of Mosel make orchestration with FICO Application Studio an easy task.


The Xpress Executor v2.1 release brings the following enhancements:

  • Xpress Executor now includes Rules execution for the fast and repeated execution of rules within an optimization model run. This feature is for customers who need to run a very high number of rules with a very low latency while running an optimization model in the cloud.
  • This is critical for deploying FICO Xpress Solutions such as Alternative Deal Structure Optimization in the cloud, and embedded in an FICO Decision Management Application, such as FICO Originations Manager.