FICO Xpress Workbench v2.0 release (formerly Optimization Designer) - Aug17

Blog Post created by Advocate on Aug 16, 2017

This technology component is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  which allows you to rapidly and collaboratively develop optimization models, services, and Xpress Insight apps.


As Optimization Designer, it was originally launched in January 2017 as a cloud-only solution. With Xpress Workbench v2.0 this component is now also available for on-premises customers, as a Windows install.


The FICO Xpress Workbench v2.0 release brings new capabilities to optimization  users including:

  • Automated performance tuning to provide fine grain performance tuning to automate the optimal parameter settings, saving time and rigor normally involved in this process.
  • The included Xpress Solver Python API now supports the nonlinear solvers, and provides a full API and modeling environment for all Xpress mathematical programming algorithms.