FICO Xpress Solver v8.2 release - May17

Blog Post created by Advocate on Aug 16, 2017

This technology component supports all of the Xpress Solver technologies, including:

  • Xpress-Optimizer: core engine comprises of LP (simplex and barrier), MIP, (MI)QP, (MI)QCQP, and (MI)SOCP solvers. It also provides core services, like the tuner, to other components.
  • Xpress-Nonlinear: provides a successive linear programming and an interior point solver for nonlinear problems, integrating closely with the Optimizer’s MIP framework.
  • Xpress-Kalis: provides constraint based programming capabilities. Combined with the optimizer can make use of MIP relaxations of the CP problem.


This Xpress Solver v8.2 release provides:

  • New features and performance enhancements including a 30% performance improvement when dealing with mixed integer problems.
  • Further parallelization enhancements, further supporting the best scaling solver in the industry.
  • Xpress 8.2 is now embedded in all optimization products.