FICO Decision Optimizer v7.1 release - Aug17

Blog Post created by Advocate on Aug 11, 2017

FICO® Decision Optimizer is a FICO Xpress Solution.

  • It is an example of a Framework Solution that is fully configurable through its user interface.
  • It enables business analysts to develop, assess and improve the decisions that drive customer interactions and business results, focus on Decision Tree based strategies.
  • Its advanced decision impact modeling, simulation and optimization techniques allows you to discover better decision strategies that balance trade-offs between cost, risk and reward, while also factoring in economic and market conditions.


New Functionality and Changes Introduced with Decision Optimizer v7.1 includes:


Decision Tree Support

Data Informed Strategy Design in Trees

          Significant improvements have been made to Decision Optimizer's tree processing:

    • The decision tree editor can profile input data, offering visual feedback on the number and percentage of records processed at each split.
    • Additional Profile and Leaf views of a tree allow you to profile the accounts in each tree split and end node.
    • Treatment color identifiers have been added, supporting easier visualization of treatment allocation, both at end nodes and proportionately across splits.
    • Data informed strategy design is available via the tree editor in project attachments, components and decision tree simulation and tree-aware optimization scenario attachments.

Tree-aware optimization:

    • Multiple tree templates are now supported.
    • Tree templates can be created based on existing FSML trees.
    • For tree-aware optimizations based on tree templates, you can now specify:
      • The minimum number of accounts at a leaf node of the final output tree.
      • The maximum number of leaf nodes in the final output tree.
      • The maximum number of decision keys to use.

Decision Tree Management

    • The decision keys of simulation trees can be mapped to account attributes - useful when the variable names of an imported tree do not match those in the input data.
    • The decision tree editor now supports the direct creation of FSML trees.


User Interface Improvements

  • The Verify, Apply Mapping and Apply Data Roles actions have been coalesced into a single action called Build Project - this is invoked via a button in the bottom center of the browser page. This action can be applied at any point to ensure projects are up to date, error-free and synchronized. This feature also allows easier access to error messages and notifications on a project's status.
  • A new range of behaviors is available for the tables that appear in Decision Optimizer views - cut, copy, paste, undo, plus a variety of selection operations.
  • Account attributes can now be explicitly included for subsequent processing.


Reporting Improvements

  • Three new standard reports are available:
    • Treatment mix reports
    • Treatment swap set reports
    • Treatment validation reports


Performance Improvements

  • Optimization scenarios run times have been improved by between 25% and 40% when compared to Decision Optimizer version 7.0.
  • Project build/rebuild times, when adding to or amending the DIM have been significantly reduced, as has the number of steps necessary to perform these tasks.


Miscellaneous new features

  • The Decision Optimizer equation language now supports temporary variables.
  • Global constraint limits now apply at the scenario level, not the project level.