FICO Decision Optimizer v7.0.8 Release

Blog Post created by Advocate on Aug 11, 2017

Released May 2017

New Functionality and Changes Introduced with Decision Optimizer 7.0.8 include:


FICO Drive Integration

  • Users of Decision Optimizer on the FICO Analytic Cloud can now export and import certain data sets to and from FICO Drive.
    • Account Input Data can be imported from FICO Drive.
    • Project components can be imported from FICO Drive.
    • Scenario-generated assets can be exported to FICO Drive. The range of assets available is scenario-dependent, but it includes account level output data and FSML decision trees, should they be generated.


Project Support

Three project limits have been increased:

  • Account attributes: to 250 from 150
  • Treatments: to 250 from 150
  • Component calculations: to 250 from 150


Reporting Improvements

  • Tableau 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2 are now supported.
  • For optimization scenarios, the Summary Report section now includes a Solution Status table that details how close the achieved solution is to the optimum solution, together with information characterizing the nature of the solution itself (including if it is optimal or whether any constraints were violated).


Installation Support

  • Linux installers now support unattended installation - options are passed via the command line. See the Xpress Insight Installation Guide for further details.


Operating System Support

  • Support for RHEL 5 has been discontinued.