FICO Decision Optimizer v7.0 Release

Blog Post created by Advocate on Aug 11, 2017

Released January 2017

Decision Optimizer version 7.0 was a complete rewrite and re-implementation of version 6.3.x. It is implemented as a layer above the modern, web-based technology stack provided by Xpress Insight.

The following summarizes new features and functionality added to Version 7.0


Technical Support

  • Ability to have multiple FICO optimization applications operate in the same environment.


  • Improved user management controls
  • LDAP support for Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP v3 compliant directory
  • Tableau status healthcheck
  • Improved execution services management
  • Updated platform support
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10; Windows Server 2008, 2012; RHEL 5, 6 and 7
    • Browsers: Chrome and Firefox (latest versions) and IE11

Project Support

  • Direct import of Decision Optimizer 6.3.3 projects and scenarios
  • Improved user-interface-guided workflow - a scrolling UI encourages the correct process
  • View project Run Log

Decision Impact Model View (DO6 Design View)

  • Account inputs
    • Support for a wider range of data types (integer, real, string, date, datetime)
    • Account input data analysis (pre and post data repair)
    • Ability to select a random sample of account inputs to execute on
  • Treatments
    • Removed requirement for historical data attribute
    • Can set eligible treatments by segment at a project level
  • DIM graph
    • New configurable DIM graph interface, with a drag and drop design interface, supporting data filtering using connecting arcs.
  • Components
    • Equations - new editor, extended set of mathematical calculations
    • PMML - extended support for more model types & ability to edit XML
    • FSML - ability to edit XML & to view and edit via a visual tree editor
    • Support for decision trees as DIM components
    • Dynamic component input/output review
    • Auto mapping of data items to component inputs
  • Data roles
    • Account input data can be used as global and local constraints
    • Component outputs can be used as decision keys in decision trees
  • Data model
    • A new view detailing the data elements available in a project, together with its source and formatting control

DIM Options View

  • Segmentation
    • Support for user segments which allow a series of filters to be used to define segments


  • Optimization - support for a maximum run time & degree of accuracy
  • Validation - ability to choose the number of records to validate on
  • New scoring scenario type - can be used in any project
  • Additional output data files - segment level data, metrics, constraints, treatment by account and segment


  • Dynamic user configured Tableau-based reports
    • Action mix
    • Efficient frontier
    • Outcome
    • Action swap set
    • Action validation
  • Extended efficient frontier report for use in all scenario types. In Decision Optimizer version 6.3.3, this only worked with exploratory optimization scenarios.
  • Support for multiple dynamic report filters to configure reports:
    • By scenario type, scenario, action, population, user segment, segmentation scheme,
    • Select the reporting metric group, Select individual reporting metrics
  • Ability to export reports to PDF, CSV, image and crosstab
  • Some reports include the ability to dynamically select the X and Y axes
  • Some reports support the selection of metrics to display in the chart
  • Support for zoom on some graphical reports