Optimization Modeler 4.3.1 is now available

Blog Post created by oliverbastert@fico.com Advocate on Nov 23, 2015

Fixed in Release 4.3.1


Web client

  • Fixed an issue where Tableau Health Checked displayed an error when single sign-on was enabled in Tableau.
  • Fixed a XSS issue on the HTTP 401 error code page.


Analyst client

  • The console.log function can now be called with a JavaScript object or array parameter.
  • Fixed an issue where numbers were not being edited at their full precision in the VSG table.
  • Fixed an error, "Cannot fetch scenario data", when opening web views.
  • Fixed error messages that occasionally appeared when closing a view.



  • Fixed an issue where mirroring after job execution would fail if it took longer than 15 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue where mirroring at the same time as executing a scenario could the scenario execution to fail.


Job execution

  • Fixed a deadlock that could occur while processing the job queue on server startup.
  • Fixed an issue where jobs could get stuck in Queued state after cancelling a job then restarting the server.
  • Fixed an issue where jobs could get stuck in Connecting state.
  • Jobs are no longer repeatedly retried if an error occurs during execution.


Optimization Modeler works alongside Xpress 7.9. It is available from http://clientarea.xpress.fico.com/.

You will need Java 8 (64-bit) already installed. See http://java.com/download if required.