Optimization Modeler 4.3 has been released

Blog Post created by oliverbastert@fico.com Advocate on Nov 10, 2015

New in Release 4.3.0

  • Summary
    • Optimization Modeler is now 64bit only and requires Java 8. See 4.2.1 release notes for more information.
    • Folder support in the web client.
    • File attachment tags.
    • VDL and JavaScript APIs to file attachment system.
    • Support for running R scripts during scenario executions.
  • Web client
    • Folder management: create, delete, rename, move, ownership and sharing.
    • Support for names containing URL reserved and unsafe characters. For example: #, ?, %, /, &.
    • Scenario export.
  • File attachments
    • Attachments can be tagged with one or more tags defined in the project, to identify them as being for a particular purpose to the Mosel model.
    • Attachments can be hidden by the Mosel model. They will not appear in the UI until the "Show Hidden" button is clicked.
    • Several attachments can be downloaded in one go, delivered as a zip file.
    • New JS API functions for managing attachments. For details see the JavaScript API section below.
    • New VDL components for managing attachments. For details see the VDL section below.
  • JavaScript API
    • 2.1
      • New methods to get information about scenario and project attachments.
        • Get all attachments with Scenario#getProjectAttachments and Scenario#getScenarioAttachments.
        • Get a single attachment by filename with Scenario#getProjectAttachment andScenario#getScenarioAttachment.
        • Get all attachments with a given tag with Scenario#getTaggedProjectAttachments andScenario#getTaggedScenarioAttachments.
        • Search the scenario and project for an attachment by filename with Scenario#findAttachment, and by tag with Scenario#findTaggedAttachments.
        • Download a zip file containing multiple attachments with Scenario#downloadProjectAttachments andScenario#downloadScenarioAttachments.
      • New methods to open the attachments dialog.
        • Open the attachments dialog with View#openProjectAttachmentsDialog andView#openScenarioAttachmentsDialog.
        • Open the dialog in upload mode with View#uploadProjectAttachment andView#uploadScenarioAttachment.
      • Register for notifications about changes to attachments with ScenarioObserver#withAttachments.
      • Show image attachments inline inline in custom views with ScenarioObserver#bindImageAttachments.
      • AutoText supports a new attribute, data-text, for showing information about attachments and attachment tags, along with entity values and parameters.
  • VDL
    • 2.1
      • New text attribute inserts entity values, parameters, and information about attachments and tags anywhere in a VDL view.
      • Image tags can use the new attachment-filename attribute to show image attachments inline in a VDL view.
      • New VDL actions to upload and download attachments and to open the attachments dialog, using the actionattribute on any clickable element.
  • R integration
    • Support for Mosel -> R interface.
    • R scripts can be executed in a secure environment on the FICO Analytic Cloud. See the Optimization Modeler DMP component guide for more information.

Fixed in Release 4.3.0

  • Web client
    • Fixed an issue where the scenario "Created" field would display the wrong time depending on timezone of the client machine.
    • Fixed an incorrect message, "Scenario is already in the queue", shown when the scenario is locked in the Analyst Client.


Optimization Modeler works alongside Xpress 7.9. It is available from http://clientarea.xpress.fico.com/.