FICO Xpress Optimization at INFORMS

Blog Post created by angelacarducci Advocate on Apr 9, 2018

FICO is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2018 Informs Analytics Business Conference in Baltimore, MD from April 15th to April 17th. We have a full agenda at the event:


Calling all OR Heroes: Learn how to model and deploy solutions in 75% less time with FICO® Xpress Insight

Presented by: Horia Tipi and Oliver Bastert
Date: Sunday April 15, 3-4:45pm


Join our hands-on workshop to learn how FICO® Xpress Insight helps you read data in any format from any source, how it integrates with your own machine learning and solvers (or uses Xpress Solvers), and how it enables you to collaborate with your business users. You will learn how Xpress Insight deploys decision support

or automated solutions and how it does it all in 75% less time.

  • This workshop will cover FICO Xpress Mosel, the premier mathematical modeling, analytic orchestration and programming language, and Xpress Insight.
  • Leveraging real business use cases, we will showcase how you can use your own solver/s to integrate
    with the powerful Xpress Insight platform.
  • We will also cover the open Xpress Mosel native solver interface, which empowers all solver developers, to extend Xpress Mosel within their own environment. It connects developers instantly with thousands of users.


All attendees will receive their complimentary license to FICO Xpress Optimization Community License

Technology Tutorial: How to deploy your ML and optimization models to empower non-technical business users
Presented by: Jim Williams
Date: Monday April 16, 1:50-2:40pm


You have a team with a great analytics background. They have developed advanced analytical tools using Python, R, or with your current optimization solver. They have derived crucial insights from your data, and they’ve figured out how your decisions shape your customers’ behaviors. Now it’s time to put these
critical analytical insights into the hands of your non-technical business users.

In this tutorial, we will cover how
FICO Xpress Optimization (including Xpress Mosel, Xpress Workbench,
and Xpress Insight) make it possible to embed your analytic models into business user-friendly applications. Learn how you can supercharge your analytic models with simulation, optimization, reporting, what-if analysis, and agile extensibility.

FICO is also a proud sponsor of the Honors Reception on Monday April 16th at 6pm as well as the 2018 Edelman Award Ceremony & Banquet at 7pm the same day. Make sure you stop by our booth #36 and #37 where you can win a mini-drone, Amazon gift cards and other prizes!


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