Decision Tree Profiling to Achieve Your Business Needs

Blog Post created by Advocate on Jun 8, 2018

When you create a decision tree in a Rule Maintenance Application (RMA), you can use the Decision Tree Profiling feature to visualize and understand the relationship between the condition nodes and action assignments. You can use this feature to ensure that the decision tree logic is correct and consistent with your business requirements.


There are multiple views for the data profiling results, so you can see each individual node in a variety of contexts. For example, there is a view that displays all the results that have been accumulated across the entire tree, allowing you to see if the results are those which you expect.


To download a sample data file (.csv) in an RMA, simply open a decision tree in an editor and select Data > Generate sample data. You can then populate it with condition values.




To upload the populated .csv file, select Data > Run profiling data and preview the sample values before clicking Run Data.




After the profiler has run, select Views > Tree View > Counts-labels > Color by Action to visualize the percentage distribution of each set of conditions and related actions.




Stay tuned for more information about Blaze Advisor 7.5 in the Blaze Advisor and Decision Modeler Community. If you want to try out this new feature for yourself, get a free trial of Blaze Advisor 7.5. If you're already using Blaze Advisor and want to upgrade to 7.5, login to the FICO Fulfillment Center, select "Recent Product Releases," then select "Blaze Advisor 7.5 for Java."