Fernando Jorge

Taking the Power of Decision Testing to the Next Level

Blog Post created by Fernando Jorge Advocate on Dec 14, 2017

Can you explain a decision made just minutes ago in one of your production systems?


Decision Modeler 2.3 expands the capabilities of Decision Testing to include testing and analyzing data generated from an executed decision service in the Decision Management Platform (DMP). Data generated while executing a decision service via a batch job, SOAP or REST web services are automatically stored in the Analytic Datamart (ADM) and can be imported into Decision Testing.


To explain any decision, all you have to do is open the Decision Analyzer to trace the execution flow to see why a decision was made.


The results from the decision service execution are used as expected data in Decision Testing. This allows you to see how additional changes you make to the decision logic in Decision Modeler affect the decision service outcome.

The value of this feature is apparent when you need to run Champion and Challenger type strategies. Before actually introducing these changes to your strategy, you can assess their impact on the outcome of the decision service. After you have decided on your approach, you can simply deploy the compiled project to the appropriate staging environment.


See this feature in action in the video below.


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