Profile Your Decision Tree

Blog Post created by Advocate on Dec 5, 2017

Have you ever wished that you could visualize data flowing through your decision trees so you can easily assess the impact of your changes?


By using Decision Tree Profiling, you can now upload a dataset to profile decision trees. A profiling run executes the data against the decision tree logic. This provides information about the path followed by each record, as well as aggregate information for all records that flowed through a particular node in the tree. A color is assigned to each action; these colors allow you to distinguish the proportion of records flowing through each node of the tree so you can identify what in being assigned to each particular action. These visual insights help you make changes to your decision tree logic to better align it with your business goals.


There are several tabular views that you can use to see the results, including: a profile of all nodes, a listing of leaf nodes, and a summary of actions. These tabular views are particularly helpful if you have a large decision tree with many different actions.


Here's a brief demo showing how to use the Decision Tree Profiling feature:


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