Quickly Locate Where Decision Entities are Used

Blog Post created by Advocate on Oct 25, 2017

In Decision Modeler 2.2, you can find where a decision entity (such as a function, ruleset, decision tree, decision table, or scorecard) is referenced in your decision logic by clicking the Show Usage icon on the Project Explorer or editor toolbars. References to a particular decision entity are displayed as links in the Usage pane. You can click a link in the Usage pane to preview or open the referenced decision entity in an editor.




Knowing where a decision entity is referenced can help minimize any errors that are introduced when modifying a decision entity or removing it from your project. Watch a brief demo below showing how to use this feature and navigate to any decision references in your project.



Comment here with any questions. The example shown in the video is included with the trial version of Decision Modeler. Get the latest trial version of Decision Modeler and see how easy it is to locate where decision entities are referenced.