Creating Decision Tables on the Fly!

Blog Post created by Advocate on Jul 10, 2017


Great news. With the release of Decision Modeler 2.1, you can create a decision table without uploading a Blaze Advisor project. Decision Tables remain simple and intuitive to edit. The Decision Table editor has the features you have come to depend upon, including:

  • Ability to import and export values using a .csv file. Import the values, modify them as needed, and export them to use in other decision tables.
  • Rule Profiling to verify that the decision logic is generating the expected results. Just attach a sample dataset and watch as the results are displayed as a percentage and/or a numeric count of the data that matches the conditions. You can even get real-time results while editing the values.
  • Filtering to control the decision logic that is displayed. Select or enter an expression in a filter and only the decision logic that contains the expression is displayed.

Get the latest trial version of Decision Modeler to easily create your own decision tables.