Exchange Files, Automatically!

Blog Post created by sanjeev.kulkarni Advocate on Jan 9, 2018

The File Exchange Component (FEC) allows your solution to automatically and securely download files from FICO Drive to FICO-internal or external heterogeneous clients. With the FEC, you can:


Configure environment-specific SFTP connection information.

You can associate SFTP connection information with a solution and use it to download files from a target source location to a   specified destination when a file creation event is detected.


File Transfer Configuration



Automatically download files.

Files created by the solution are automatically transferred to a target SFTP server based upon the entered configuration information. 


File Download Event History



Use retry mechanism for failed downloads.

If a transfer fails, the FEC will automatically re-attempt the download.


File Download Event History on Retry Attempts3.jpg


Monitor file transfer activity.

View the status of in-process or past file download operations with the Event History page. Logs are also provided for monitoring the transfer, with different levels of granularity.


File Transfer Event History: Paginated View

FEC. File Transfer Event History.png