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can we link up  DM user ids to Active directory ?, if so could some one help me on this.
Hello, I am new to this community and new to this product. I have a very basic question.   I can see that FICO is having products FICO DMN Modeler and FICO Decision Modeler. What I understand that both these products can be used for Decision modeling. So I would like to know below things.   Why there are two products developed by FICO for… (Show more)
Imagine having all of your data, decision rules and analytics connected by a single platform that allows you to share data and decision components across all enterprise applications, across the entire company. And on top of that, you have the ability to execute instantly via multiple engines and then continuously track the performance of the…
Decision management solutions use data—we all agree on that. But exactly what data, in what form, and at what time, varies dramatically depending on your role in developing the solution.     If your role is to develop a predictive model, your job is to explore any data that might yield analytic insight into the problem that is being modeled. A… (Show more)
The introductory tutorial walks you through creating components, and invoking them from a FASt application. A PDF version of the tutorial is attached, along with .zip files containing artifacts you will use. You can also access the tutorial from the platform Help system. This tutorial is for 1.x versions of the Decision Management Platform.