Announcing Mission Critical Uptime, Security and Compliance in the FICO Analytic Cloud

Blog Post created by rohitvalia Advocate on May 21, 2018

Cloud computing, grown out of the success of software-as-a-service, has come a long way from a largely developer-focused environment to a full-service IT infrastructure offering. By fulfilling the expected requirements around availability, scalability, security and agility, cloud computing has become a de-facto part of virtually every IT infrastructure and enterprise software support plan. However, we shouldn’t take enterprise software support and business ubiquity for granted. Cloud Computing has grown conceptually to become a Mission Critical Cloud.


FICO, ever cognizant of its roots in banking and the strict financial services industry, set requirements for the highest availability of service levels, security and business criticality. Our cloud solutions must deliver on these strict requirements while developing and deploying loan originations, banking account strategies, debt collection, and fraud detection solutions. We deliver our own solutions in the cloud, in the form of the FICO Analytic Cloud, as a managed service. There, FICO customers can focus on business results instead of infrastructure and service management. Once deployed, customers can rest assured that their services will run seamlessly following FICO best practices.


What do we mean by Mission Critical?

Mission Critical delivers on the requirements of high availability, scalability, disaster recovery, security, governance and compliance. Delivering mission critical services requires architecting the services from the ground-up to have redundancy, flexibility, hooks for monitoring key services, scheduled data backups and a security architecture that is reviewed constantly for threats. This infrastructure is backed with a staff that is trained in the respective areas and is equipped to resolve issues quickly.


For FICO and our customers, one of the mission critical components is achieving Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification. PCI certification represents the highest level of infrastructure security best practices to ensure that personal and credit card information can securely be stored and leveraged by the related services. Only after a stringent review of its architecture, policies and procedures is a service deemed to be PCI compliant. As of April 2018, we’re proud to announce that the FICO Analytic Cloud was deemed PCI compliant. It now delivers the highest levels of mission critical security and compliance as a managed service. Mission Critical enables FICO customers to leverage the most sensitive information for their decision automation, optimization and analytical tasks; it also provides a secure infrastructure to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence in the cloud.




Addressing infrastructure and service redundancy, automatic failover and continuous monitoring is also very important to delivering Mission Criticality in the cloud. The FICO Analytic Cloud provides a 99.9% uptime for the services deployed on it without any additional cost to the customer.


You can use this SLA and Uptime Calculator to see what an acceptable service level would be for your applications.


At FICO World 2018, we announced the following new capabilities:

  • Decision Management Suite Enterprise Grade Cloud Service: Now available on AWS, this managed service provides 24x7 high availability, disaster recovery, and supports the development, test and production environment.
  • New tools and execution platform (FICO Platform): For mission critical AI, decisions, analytics and optimization, the new FICO® Analytics Workbench™ supports a wide range of commonly used AI and ML model executions and FICO developed analytic models for use cases such as fraud and anomaly detection.
  • FICO® Decision Central™ and DMS Hub in the Cloud: Enables true centralized decisioning with performance tracking, governance, source code control and collaboration for analytics and AI models.
  • Next generation decision optimization: Latest version of FICO® Decision Optimizer is now available in the Cloud.


Find and trial these products yourself on the FICO Analytic Cloud marketplace.