Blaze Advisor 7.5: The Final Frontier (until the next release)

Blog Post created by Advocate on Mar 30, 2018

Our Blaze Advisor customers keep finding compelling new ways to embed rules into all their critical decisions. To that end, FICO keeps raising the bar on what’s possible – particularly as decisions require more transparency, explainability, and ultimately scalability to the breadth and depth of big data analytics that proliferate in businesses.


Blaze Advisor 7.5 is the culmination of our aggressive (and client-motivated) efforts to put intelligent decisions at the forefront of your organization. It parallels features now part of FICO Decision Modeler powered by Blaze Advisor (our cloud-based decision rules solution).


So what’s potentially game-changing about Blaze Advisor 7.5 that should make you want to boost your decision engines to Warp Factor 9?

spock.pngEnsure your decision logic is acting logically. Testing and debugging your decision service is an essential step before deploying it within your business. How can you ensure that logic is going to play as out as expected? Decision Analyzer is a new Blaze capability that steps you through your decision logic to see how results are generated, which is especially helpful when error or warnings occur. It helps you cut to the chase whether the problem lies with your decision logic or test data. Get more information on this feature here: Debugging a Decision Service is Easy with the New Decision Analyzer
tribbles.jpgDecision tables growing exponentially? You’re not alone. Businesses power up their decision engines with decision tables, where you can readily define and maintain a large number of rules in a visually rich, user-friendly format. As decision logic gets more complex, however, these tables can become unwieldy. Blaze 7.5 offers improved editing, compilation, and execution of very large lookup tables, so you can continue to execute intelligent decisions at the speed of business.
robot.pngIntelligently deploy machine learning models in your decisions. The rush to let AI and ML help automate and otherwise improve decisions carries with it a significant opportunity for unwanted biases and errors. The ability to import tree ensemble models as PMML mining models can help increase decisioning accuracy. Blaze Advisor7.5 supports this capability, which will ultimately help businesses continue to expand and extend machine learning capabilities throughout their decisions. Get more information in this feature here: Have a Random Forest Tree? Use it in your Decision Model.


In Star Trek terms, it’s much more prudent to beam down to a new planet if you’re prepared. Stay tuned for more information about Blaze Advisor 7.5 in the Blaze Advisor and Decision Modeler Community. In the meantime, download a trial of Blaze Advisor 7.5 (or Decision Modeler – Blaze Advisor in the Cloud).


If you're already using Blaze Advisor and want to upgrade to 7.5, login to the FICO Fulfillment Center, select "Recent Product Releases," then select "Blaze Advisor 7.5 for Java."