What's new in Origination Manager 4.9

Blog Post created by ravi.papanna Advocate on Mar 26, 2018

FICO® Origination Manager is a powerful application for business users to dynamically develop and deploy customer on-boarding strategies, and rapidly manage changes to user experience needs and business processes. It contributes to more profitable portfolios and effectively manages risk in rapidly changing business environments. Origination Manager reduces operating costs, streamlines workflow and ultimately, provides the end-customer with a faster decision and higher potential to meet their financial and other product and service needs.


What's new in the 4.9 release?

Lending institutions have an urgent need to reduce complexity and cost of customer onboarding while improving system performance. The Origination Manager 4.9 On-Premises release meets these needs with increased level of configurability
by clients over workflow, cost-effective and secure product delivery with multi-tenancy, improved model execution and additional data providers to enrich client understanding of applicant risk.
Key new capabilities of each module are outlined below:

Application Processing Module (APM)

A new Synchronous Consumer Workflow template provides a more intuitive and streamlined application process that’s less reliant on queues and search. Instead of relying on FICO® Application Studio to configure and manage workflow, users can make changes directly in the Application Processing Module web application. This change helps reduce the costs and complexity associated with Origination Manager implementations, as configuration is much easier to do.


Origination Manager 4.9 on-premises version includes support for multi-tenancy: the ability to host multiple clients on the same application server without multiple installations of the product. Multi-tenancy means FICO, or potential reseller partners, can create a standardized, repeatable, Origination Manager offering with boundaries around workflow, data models and user interface. When clients stay within boundaries of a multi-tenant environment, the product is secure, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, and less costly to implement.


Decision Module (DM)

The Decision Module has been enhanced to facilitate easier model execution and external decision data access:

  • User Interface for management of Excel file upload and look up
  • User Interface for management of JAR files and custom functions
  • Additional support for internal services including ADB, server configuration and transform files


Data Acquisition Module (DAM)

Includes performance improvements, and instrumentation to better understand transaction timing between various touchpoints in the data acquisition process.


Powered by FICO® Data Orchestrator, the library of data providers continues to expand to support new data providers and updated versions in this release.


New Data Sources

FICO is always improving and adding to the types of data sources available to use in decisions and models. Below are the newest additions:

  • Equifax Consumer Total View
  • Innovis Version 1, Release 1
  • PayNet Direct 3.25
  • Lexis Nexis Global Watch OFAC 1.6
  • Lexis Nexis Instant ID Consumer 1.87
  • Dun & Bradstreet Toolkit XML Version


Where is the Product or Solution Available?

The Application Processing, Decision and Data Acquisition Modules are available worldwide for on-premises deployment. Certain features vary by market, learn more on the Origination Manager product page.