Debugging a Decision Service is Easy with the New Decision Analyzer

Blog Post created by Advocate on Sep 26, 2017

Imagine that your decision service compiles successfully and you are ready to run data through the decision service to see if your decision logic generates the expected results. Now that you have reached this important development milestone, how do you test and debug your decision service?


You simply upload a dataset to the decision service using the Decision Testing framework. After the run is completed, any errors or validation warnings are highlighted in a table so you can quickly see which tests passed and which ones need to be reviewed. If your dataset includes expected values, the values are automatically compared to the actual values and any deviations are highlighted.


With Decision Modeler 2.2, the Decision Testing framework has been enhanced to include a new module called Decision Analyzer. If an error or validation warning occurs, you can select a particular test and use a trace graph to step through the decision logic to see how the results were generated. During the analysis, you see the result state at various points in the execution flow so you know which conditions in a decision entity were met and the actions that modified any object properties. Conversely, you can select an object property and see where it was modified during the execution. This analysis helps you to determine whether the problem lies with the decision logic or your test data.



In video above, you can see the Decision Analyzer in action. After the dataset is uploaded to the decision service, one of the tests generates a validation warning. For this test case, it was expected that the student’s application would be denied; instead, the application was accepted. Why did this happen? The developer runs the decision service and then steps through the decision logic to see which object properties were modified during each stage of the execution and finally the source of the problem is located.


The example shown in the video is included with the trial version of Decision Modeler along with a dataset that you can modify and run using the Decision Testing framework. Get the latest trial version of Decision Modeler here and see how easy it is to run test data through a decision service.



Bonnie Clark & Fernando Donati