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FICO has been using analytics and decision management for 60 years, but it’s still a relatively new concept to the industry at-large. FICO develops analytic applications to automate some of the world’s largest businesses including major financial institutions, airlines, and telecommunications companies plus industry leaders in retail, manufacturing, insurance, and energy. Tune in to the podcast to learn how these various industries are taking advantage of advances in analytics, optimization, and decision management technologies.


Whether you have a technical or business role, these podcasts will impact the way you look at the latest trends in analytics today.


A Taste of the Podcasts


Less Artificial, More Intelligent –How can we decode analytics to make them more applicable to everyday business problems? Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer at FICO, discusses how artificial intelligence has evolved over time to now solve business issues and make smarter decisions.


“Try to understand what analytics means. How do they work?
To derive a level of comfort or even an intuition that makes it less of a black box.”



Live from the Garner Data and Analytics Show –Benjamin Baer, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at FICO, interviews some of the leading experts of Big Data and Analytics live on the showroom floor in Grapevine, TX March 6 – 9, 2017.


“We’re having a lot of in depth conversations around what is
visualization versus what is visual analytics.” Tableau



IoT and Real Time Streaming – Conceptually, the Internet of Things has been around for a while. However, with the introduction of streaming technologies use cases have become extremely popular. How do we relate IoT to analytics? How can combining IoT and Streaming Analytics help drive better business decisions? Shalini Raghavan, Sr. Director of Analytic Product Management at FICO, discusses how technology is gearing up to handle the Internet of Everything.


“Bring together the data & use analytics to evaluate what behavior might be captured
in that data & then make business decisions with those 2 combined.”



Streaming Analytics and Stateful Event Processing

Why is streaming analytics so important? George Vanecek, FICO’s VP and Chief Technical Architect, discusses the advantages of event stream processing of data in motion. Many streaming analytics problems are fundamentally stateful, and must be considered with real-time, historical, and derived contexts in order to provide insights. Like moving from still photography to live video, George explains how high speed event processing is Big Data’s next milestone.


“If you ignore the states and the context it’s similar to showing a single frame from a movie.
Kind of like a picture without showing the previous frame in motion.”



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About Decoding Analytics

Companies of all sizes are increasingly forced by economic and competitive pressure to step up their analytics game. This means using data informed insights to have more robust customer interactions, improve the bottom lines, and digitally transform their businesses. From decision modeling to predictive analytics to supply chain optimization to pricing strategy, we are exploring how 21st Century businesses decode and apply analytics software to significantly impact the way their businesses operate. These quick 10 – 30 minute podcasts feature industry leading experts that will help educate you about the advanced technology thousands of customers are leveraging today.


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