FICO @ EURO 2016

Blog Post created by yaelwagner@fico.com on Aug 3, 2016

Written by timoberthold@fico.com


For many people, the EURO is a synonym for the UEFA European Football Championship which was carried out for the 15th time in June and July 2016. For Business Analytics and Management Science experts however, EURO has a second meaning as the European conference on Operational Research, which celebrated its 28th incarnation in July 2016. EURO2016 was held at the Poznan University of Technology and attended by more 2000 researchers, academics, and practitioners from all over the world.

FICO was one of the main sponsors of this event. We organized a stream on Mathematical Optimization Software, consisting of four sessions with a total of 13 speakers. Mathematical Optimization is a key technology for predictive and prescriptive analytics; the FICO Xpress Optimizer is a market-leading state-of-the-art software for solving Mathematical Optimization problems. At EURO 2016, our workshop on “Turning Research into Collaborative Cloud Applications” was accompanied by four FICO presentations in the scientific program. Dr. Sebastien Lannez presented on “Decision Optimization: Combinatorial Optimization for Business Analysts”, Dr. Sussane Heipcke presented on “Mosel: Modelling and more”, Dr. Zsolt Csizmadia discussed “Advances in the Xpress MINLP solver,” and i had the pleasure to present  “Parallelization of the FICO Xpress Optimizer.”


Optimization - booth at EURO2016.png

In a remarkable plenary talk, Prof. Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas from MIT made a strong case for statistics and machine learning communities to use optimization techniques, in particular mixed integer optimization, and vice versa for the optimization community to embrace machine learning and statistics. At FICO, we have employed optimization as a mathematical core of our analytics tools since years.

Finally, our partners from the Research Campus MODAL in Berlin, won the EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2016 for their work on “Evaluating Gas Network Capacities”. Congratulations!