What's Keeping Decision Management Vendors off of the Cloud?

Blog Post created by Advocate on Apr 6, 2015

In his recent blog "A Channel Partner Perspective: Decision Management in the Cloud," FICO's Manuel Hoffmann states that despite general consensus that the future of decision management systems is in the cloud, few technology vendors have evolved from on-premises offerings to embrace hybrid or full cloud solutions.


Why the resistance? For one, vendors need to consider the ripple effect that cloud models can have on players within their technology ecosystem, including other solution providers, integrators, and contributors. Relationships with customers also evolve to place additional demands on vendors - moving from "selling software" to offering a service brings with it new responsibilities should issues arise.


For decision management vendors that can make the leap to hybrid or full cloud, however, the payoff for them - and their customers - is potentially game-changing. From better cost management to exponential growth of potential solutions for specific customer use cases, cloud solutions are the future. FICO is on the forefront of this evolution, providing easy access to an array of powerful analytic and optimization capabilities via the FICO Analytic Cloud marketplace.


Check out Manuel's blog for more insights on this topic, and let us know your thoughts - are you ready to offer (or, as a customer, use) cloud decision management solutions?